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The links below give detailed descriptions of the various areas and trails of the Diablo Valley, including directions and trail maps. Trails are rated from one to five stars. The criteria I use is based on a number of factors. Among these are difficulty (distance, altitude gain and steepness of terrain), scenery, opportunities to see wildlife and solitude. While all trails are suitable for both running and hiking, my ratings are from the perspective of a runner. Paved muti-use trails are not rated as they are generally flat and linear, thus distance and difficulty is up to the individual. Some of these trails, as described, may be too long for the casual hiker. However most trails can be shortened by taking alternative trails back to your starting point. Most areas have trail maps available at trailheads, either free or posted on kiosks. The beauty of the Diablo Valley is it's variety of trails and terrain. Don't be afraid to explore, you can always retrace your route if the trail becomes overwhelming. So get out and see this beautiful area of Northern California.

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If you would like to Rate Your Favorite Trail please fill out this form and your favorite trail will be added to this site. Even if your trail is outside of the Bay Area please submit it anyway. I am planning to add a section on the Great Trails of the U.S. (or the World if there is interest).
Mount Diablo State Park Trails
**** Finley Road Loop Loop (12 miles)
**** Mitchell Canyon to the Summit Loop (15+ miles)
**** Wall Point - Barbecue Terrace - Pine Canyon Loop (13+ miles)
*** Donner Canyon/Falls Trail (6 miles)
*** Sycamore Creek Loop (3.3 miles)
** Dan Cook Canyon to Rock City (2 miles each way)
East Bay Regional Park District Trails

Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve
*** Ridge Trail - Stewartville Trail Loop (6+ miles)
** River View Trail (5 miles)

Briones Regional Park
*** Briones Crest Trail (8 miles)
*** Russell Peak - Mariposa Trail (6+ miles)
** Alhambra Creek-Briones Crest-Lagoon-Toyon Loop (6 miles)

Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline
** Franklin Ridge Loop (3 miles)

Anthony Chabot Regional Park

Del Valle Regional Park

Huckleberry Regional Preserve
** Huckleberry Nature Path (2.37 miles)

Las Trampas Regional Wilderness
*** Upper Ridge to Devil's Hole Loop (6+ miles)
*** Las Trampas Ridge - Sulpher Springs Loop (5 miles)
** Las Trampas Peak (3+ miles)

Morgan Territory Regional Preserve
*** Blue Oak - Volvon Trail Loop (6 miles)

Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park
*** Ridgeline - Thermalito Trail Loop (7 miles)

Redwood Regional Park
**** French Trail Loop (7 miles)
*** East Ridge - West Ridge Loop (10 miles)

Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve
* Volcanic Trail - Round Top Loop (2+ miles)

Sunol Regional Wilderness
*** McCorkle Trail - Canyon Trail Loop (6+ miles)

Tilden Regional Park
**Curran - Wildcat Gorge - Meadows Canyon Loop (3 miles)

Wildcat Canyon Regional Park
**Wildcat Creek - San Pablo Ridge Loop (7 miles)

East Bay Municipal Utility District Trails

Watershed Trails
*** Bear Creek Trail - Oursan Trail Loop (14 miles)
*** Rocky Ridge Loop Trail (6 miles)
** Rocky Ridge - King Canyon Loop (6 miles)

Lafayette Reservoir
** Rim Trail Loop (5 miles)
* The Shore Trail (3 miles)

Walnut Creek Open Space Trails

Shell Ridge Recreation Area
*** Indian Valley - Ridge Top Loop (6 miles)
*** Briones-Mt. Diablo - Hanging Valley (9 miles)
** Twin Ponds Loop (3 miles)
** Costanoan - Hammil - Mt. Diablo Trail Loop (6 miles)

Lime Ridge Open Space
** Ohlone - Paraiso - Lime Ridge Blue Oak Loop (5 miles)

Acalanes Ridge Recreation Area
** Sousa - Ridgeline Trail (3 miles)

Sugarloaf Recreation Area
* Hill - Ridge - Orchard Trails (1-3 miles)

Other Diablo Valley Trails

*****East Bay Skyline National Recreation Trail (31 miles; linear)
** Old Moraga Ranch Trail (8 miles out and back)
** Mount Wanda (2.5 miles)

Paved Multi-Use Trails
Visitors' Favorite Trails: - These are trails that have been submitted and rated by visitors to this site.
Great Northern California Trails

Muir Woods National Monument
**** Main Trail - Hillside Trail Loop (2 miles)

Golden Gate National Recreation Area
- Marin Headlands
**** Coastal - Miwok - Wolf Ridge Loop (5 miles)

Monterey Coastal Trail
***** Cannerey Row to Seal Rock (8 miles; linear)

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