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These are free resources that I found invaluable in building this web site.

Spell Checker For Edit Boxes - A great freeware spell checker that works with Netscape as well as all text editors, i.e. notepad and virtually all other windows apps. You will also need to get a dictionary file from the same address.

Arachnophilia 2.5 - Great Freeware (Careware) HMTL WEB Site Workshop. Platform: Windows 95 / NT. Features: Imports fully formatted text, tables, outlines from any Windows 95-compliant application, automatically converts to HTML. Supports up to 6 Web browsers, switches between them in a flash. Supports development of HTML, frames, CGI, Perl, C++, Java and Javascript. Built-in intelligent FTP client automatically uploads changed files, for complete Internet access in one program. User-defined toolbars provide any tags or content you need for any of the supported languages. User-defined file templates -- allows you to specify default document format and contents. Global search & replace across all open documents, no limit to number of open documents except system resources. Built-in step-by-step tutorials on HTML development, JavaScript, frames, the Internet.

So, you want to make a Web Page! 2.02 - An easy to use web page authoring tutorial written especially for Newbies. It will guide you gently though all the basics of html and web page design. Also available at this site are tutorials for forms, frames and tables.

RFtp - RFtp is a nice little freeware GUI-based FTP client for Windows® 95 and NT® 4.0. While having the load-time and footprint of an "applet", it retains the features and functionality of a full-sized application!

Yeah Write - Yeah Write is a small, fast, multi - tabbed, freeware word processor that won't take over half your hard disk.

EditPad - Freeware (Postcard Ware) replacement for Notepad. EditPad can open as many files at a time as you want. You change between the open files by clicking on their tabs. No hassle with heaps of overlapping windows. If you run EditPad again when there is already an instance running, the file(s) you wish to edit will be opened by the existing EditPad window. This means there will be at most one EditPad window open, which will save you from a lot of task switching. Of course, if you do need more instances, simply pick View|New editor from the menu. Block functions: save parts of your text to disk and insert a file in the current text. Specify many print settings: font, margins, headers/footers, etc. Option for keeping the EditPad window on top of all other windows. When you close an unsaved file, EditPad will either warn you, automatically save the file or do nothing. Reopen menu that lists the last 16 files opened. Configure the open and save dialog file filters. ANSI {=} OEM (DOS ASCII) conversion. EditPad puts an icon in the system tray that remains visible, even if EditPad is closed. This way you have easy and fast access to EditPad, without the need to keep it running all the time. MAPI support for emailing texts.

DiscussionApp - This is a threaded discussion server. Visitors to your site will be able to post messages and you will have full editorial control.

Dreambook - The free guest book service you've been dreaming about. Fully customizable guest book service that allows multiple books.

SiteFlow - Free counters with logging and statistics.

LinKo - Free counters and clocks with many options to choose from.

MapQuest - Free map generator and address locator.

MapMaker32 - An easy to use freeware client side image map maker.

The Banner Generator - Create custom banners for your web page online.

VRL's Imaging Machine - After creating your banner, customise it further by choosing from among many special effects such as animation or the combining of two or more banners. This is an example of what can be done at these two sites:

Trails of the Diablo Valley

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